The beautiful city of Dubai is a breathtakingly beautiful destination and burgeoning tourist trade zone featuring several exquisite sights and attractions. Perhaps, you have been thinking of exploring Dubai ancient and modern attractions ranging from the city’s iconic skyscrapers and high rise buildings, like the Burj Khalifa which is the tallest building in the world and the traditional souk markets located close to the creeks.

Now is the perfect time to plan a trip, follow these travel guide on how to apply for a Dubai visa in Nigeria and you’ll soon be arriving the city to explore the spectacular beauty of the architectural innovations, shop at the world’s largest shopping centre or strolling alongside the beautiful beaches of Palm Jumeirah.

Travellers can apply for their Dubai visa a maximum of 2 months before their date of travel, as the validity of the visa is 58 days from the date of issue. The latest that travellers are able to apply for a visa is 2 weeks before the date of departure.

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Travelers will be required to hold a visa to travel to Dubai. Check out this Dubai visa guide for Nigerian passport holders.

The following documents will be required for all UAE visa types:

  • A valid Nigerian passport (must be valid for atleast 6 months).
  • A visa application form (Please note: filled out in block letters and duly signed by the applicant).
  • Photocopies of your ID card and passport (including valid and expired visas).
  • A proof of health insurance.
  • A proof of financial status (a copy of your recent bank statement showing that you have sufficient funds to stay in Dubai).
  • A copy of a confirmed itinerary (Please note: Visitors without a return ticket might be refused entry at the airport).
  • A proof of hotel reservation.
  • For Tourists:
  • Tourists will be required to provide a letter from employer, stating that you have been granted leave and that you will be returning to your job when you get back. For self-employed individuals, provide a copy of your business registration and tax documents.
  • For visitors visiting either friends or relatives:
  • A letter of invitation from your host will be required. This letter should include the contact information of your host, address, signature and date; a copy of their UAE passport information page or residence permit.


  • 96-Hour Visa: With this visa, you are only eligible to stay in the UAE for a maximum of 96 hours. This visa is best suited for travellers who plan to stay for a period of less than 4 days in the country.
  • 14-Day Visa (short-term visit, single entry): This non-extendable visa is valid for a 14-day stay from the date of issue.
  • 30-Day Visa (short-term visit, single entry): This non-extendable visa is valid for a 30-day stay.
  • 90-Day Visa: It is valid for 90 days and great for travellers who are going to Dubai on holiday or to visit family and friends.


  • Your passport must be valid for at least 6 months after departing from the UAE.
  • The processing time for a Dubai visa is between 2 and 8 days, depending on the type of visa you are applying for.
  • The 30-day tourist visa is valid for 58 days from the date of issue.
  • A Dubai Tourist visa is only valid for tourist purposes and persons with a tourist visa must not take up paid jobs during their stay in Dubai.


The cost of a Dubai Visa is dependent on the kind of visa you would like to apply for.

  • 96 Hours Visa: #23,000
  • 14 Day Visa: #30,000
  • 30 Day Visa: #30,000
  • 30 Day Multi-Entry Short Term Visa: #61,000
  • 90 Day Visa: #63,000
  • 90 Day Multi-Entry Long Term Visa: #154,000

Please Note: Payment can be made at the VFS Dubai Visa Application Centre and you will obtain an electronic reciept upon making payment.

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Please note that this process is applicable to Nigerian passport holders and ensure to check for eligibility before beginning the application process and submitting your application well in advance of travel date.