With help from LinkedIn, we’ve compiled a list of jobs that are fully remote — and are hiring now.

Female designer working from her home office

The realities of work are changing. Thanks to tech like Zoom, Slack, and Asana, working from home has never been easier — and with stay-at-home orders in place around the country, many workers are getting a taste of what working from home is like (albeit with the added distraction of restless family members).

Potential distractions aside, this forced shift to working from home is showing many workers and companies just how sustainable (and enjoyable) remote work can be. In lieu of your mid-afternoon watercooler break, you can do a load of laundry. Instead of cramming in a gym session before work, you can do a workout on your lunch break.

Already, LinkedIn reports that they’ve seen a 43 percent increase in the use of their “remote” job filter since March 1, 2020 and a 28 percent increase in the share of remote positions among all new job postings.

So whether you’re on the hunt for a job that offers more flexibility and a remote office culture or are so hooked on your current at-home work life that you can’t imagine going back, you’ve come to the right place.

Thanks to some help from the team at LinkedIn, we’ve compiled a list of jobs that are fully remote — allowing you to work from the comfort of your own home, and hopefully someday soon, a beach cabana in Mexico with a margarita butler.

Neoweather — Meteorologist

This meteorology team is searching for a “passionate weather geek” to join their team. The job is fully remote and part-time, making it the perfect entryway gig into a multi-city forecasting career. In the position you’ll use satellite, radar, observations, and numerical weather prediction to make forecasts, and you’ll get brownie points if you have experience dealing with conditions like lake effect, severe storms, and synoptic snow.


Hidden Compass — Managing Editor

This small, but growing, digital publication is looking for a part-time editor with a knack for taking stories from conception to completion. Not only is this job remote, but if you’re over the flow of clickbait-driven headlines, this company is for you: they’re working to set a precedent for the industry by rejecting clickbait and hollow influencers.

Conduent — Marketing Manager

New Jersey-based Conduent is looking for someone with marketing chops and a customer experiencebackground to develop the strategic marketing direction for their customer and omnichannel communication services. The job is full-time and fully remote.

Johnnie Studio — Copywriter

Johnnie Studio, a Seattle-based marketing agency, is on the hunt for a skilled copywriter for one of their key clients. In the remote position, you’ll be responsible for writing for a variety of assets and channels — a job you can do comfortably from home.

inHealth Lifestyle Therapeutics — Director of Sales and Account Management

This lifestyle therapeutics company is on a mission to prevent, manage, and improve chronic disease. You can join their fully remote team as the director of sales and account management, where you’ll be responsible for developing the department’s team, tools, and strategy, while building long-term customer relationships.

BairesDev — IT Consultant for Business Development

Recognized by Inc. as one of the fastest-growing private companies, this software development company has employees all over the world. You can be part of the growth by joining the remote team as an IT consultant where you’ll be charged with spearheading growth and running day-to-day operations.

Spectraforce Technologies — Junior (HTML) Developer

In this fully remote position, you’ll be responsible for HTML tagging Spectraforce Technologies’ e-learning and e-reference products. In addition, the role requires HTML proofreading and loading product content into online content repositories.

Factor — Director of Paid Media/Growth

If you have a passion for food and some expert media know-how, this job at Factor might be perfect for you. Factor is a prepared meal delivery service for healthy, fresh, fully prepared food. The quickly growing company is based in the Greater Chicago area and is completely open to remote applicants.

SpoonfulOne — Vice President U.S. Retail Sales

SpoonfulOne is an evidence-based platform that’s dedicated to reducing fool allergies in infants and children. This year, the company is preparing to transition from a successful direct-to-consumer model to a brick-and-mortar commercial launch — and they need your help. In order to secure the best talent available, the job is open to remote working applicants who are open to traveling to the Menlo Park, California base as needed.


Adagene — Clinical Trial Manager

Adagene, a clinical stage biotech company with innovative antibody discovery and engineering technologies, is on the hunt for a clinical trial manager. In the position, you’ll be in charge of executing clinical trials to ensure deliverables are met. Oncology experience is required in order to apply for this remote position.

The Jonus Group — Commercial Insurance Account Manager

In this fully remote role, you’ll be charged with day-to-day account management for clients, many of whom have complex insurance coverage needs, claims, and questions around their policy’s coverage. The Jonus Group is searching for an account manager who has a high level of customer service and strong administrative skills.

Conversion Capital LLC — Administrative Assistant

Conversion Capital LLC is searching for a remote administrative assistant to organize schedules, meetings, and follow-ups for the company’s management team. The job can be full or part-time — your call.